BEAUTIFUL MESS / Landys Roimola

Welcome to the opening of BEAUTIFUL MESS on the 20th of April at 6PM to Awake!

The exhibition is the last one at Awake and definitely worth a visit. The texture, colors and composition of these pieces are something different. 

Beautiful Mess is a series of material experiences of trash. How can something so worthless and abandoned become so beautiful? How do the materials react when used after expiration date? Can industrial turn into organic? Series started at 2018 and can be found and bought at AWAKE Helsinki.

Landys Roimola(born 1992, Bogota) is a young artist, who is concerned about the growing problem with waste and recycling. At the same time the sculptures are still relatable, strange and beautiful - like misunderstood creatures that have been pulled from another universe. Dominated by the material, and with some unexpected results along the way, the waste gets a new life in Roimola’s hands.