We not only have a beautiful space in the heart of Helsinki's Punavuori suitable for a variety of purposes,
but we also are a team of different professionals,
offering our services to you.



Graziella Moraes Louhio is our visual stylist and merchandiser, responsible for product presentation, space design and styling, as well as social media and online visual content creation. 

Every brand and artist that is part of AWAKE space, temporarily or permanently, will be offered image material and social media marketing, with their creations individually styled in our space.

If you are interested in Graziella's services beyond AWAKE, e.g. prop styling and brand images, personalised interior consultancy or social media consultancy and content production, get in touch with her gg.graziella (at)

Instagram @lelalouhio



Tanja Is is not only an artist herself but also responsible for art curation at AWAKE.

While you are exhibiting with us, we can arrange events, such as a vernissage or other specials depending on your ideas and needs.

If you would like to exhibit your art in our space or are otherwise interested in Tanja's services, get in touch with her tanja.lonnroth (at) and see her work at



The brands that are for sale in AWAKE's concept store are collectively selected by our team. Our criteria are two-fold, focusing on both aesthetics and sustainability. Within these criteria, we are open to all kinds of products, ranging from fashion over accessories and other design objects. 

While you are part of AWAKE's selection, we can arrange events, such as products launches, customer specials, sample sales etc., depending on your ideas and needs.

If you are interested in selling your products in our space or are interested in our concept, please get in touch with us contact (at)



We have given special attention to our space design, which makes up a big part of AWAKE's environment.

Our space consists of two main spaces (front and back) in combined 60sqm in Fredrikinkatu 25, 00120 Helsinki. We have renovated the space following a minimalistic industrial concept, featuring concrete floors combined with shades of white and grey, with accents in black and copper.

The front space is conceptualised as an outside concrete garden while the back has a warmer, inside industrial space feeling, with wooden structures painted in white and white walls. The 4m high walls in the front are painted in ecological chalk paint by Biofarben Germany in different grey shades.

The interior objects are movable (yet heavy), consisting of different-sized concrete boxes, some with built-in black sand trays.

If you would like to use our space for photoshoots or other events, please get in touch with us contact (at)