Special space for special designers from Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia! Baltic design is unique in its almost handmade technique, Norden vibes and traditions
— Elina Stelcere, CEO AWAKE Collective

The Idea

The idea of Baltic design showroom and online shop has been around for a long time, because there is much to see and explore. All three Baltic states has there own esthetics and style that is worth to see and use in your everyday life

Style & Quality

Three countries - three styles

Estonia - Nordic, Scandinavian vibes with sustainable touch

Latvia - Handmade kingdom with style mixed from Norden and Eastern cultures

Lithuania - Egy, colorful but minimalist in a way

Handmade and Sustainable

Baltic's are still the region where there is much creative ideas and brands but the production in made locally, usually handmade or with handmade elements, so that customer can get special experience with the purchase.