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VERNISSAGE: Tony Pyykkö "Odd Things from the Past"

Tony Pyykkö is an artist and soon to become an art historian from Espoo. Apart from his interest in history, art has always been a passion of his. Etching, aquarelle, acrylics and different drawing techniques is his mediums of choice.
History, the ocean and old architecture inspires Pyykkö. The views in his works are both enchanting and insightful.
Pyykkö tried etching already in high school and is drawn to the technique due to it's repeatability and transformability. A print is an art work by itself, yet together with several prints it creates a whole new piece of art.
By using different colors, one can create very different works with a different ambience, using the same copper plate. A certain mystic and excitement is also part of the process: the result can only be seen once the first print is finished.

Special thanks to TALAVAS SIDRS for evening beverages