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Stock&Sample Sales with Lovia & Uneins


Lovia is creating new labels to its bag collection, this is why Lovia is selling 1st quality pieces with reduced prices! There is also available a great selection of sample piece (press samples or second quality) accessories & clothes with great prices. Get yourself a friend for life or your loved ones a Valentine presents of the year!

Founded in Helsinki 2014, Lovia is a sustainable luxury fashion brand that makes leather bags and jewellery from Nordic materials. Combining Nordic folklore & Victorian aesthetics to modern Scandinavian looks, Lovia creates timeless designs with a twist.

To be fully transparent, Lovia has created a unique product DNA that links each individual product with a web profile that reveals the whole production chain behind it at



UNEINS believes true sustainability lies in timelessness and permanence, hence a while ago we have stopped making seasonal collections.

Now this is your chance to treasure-hunt from our first 4 seasonal collections, a selection of samples as well as stock leftovers. Find your unique UNEINS piece and use this last chance to make it yours!

Founded in 2013, UNEINS creates sustainable womenswear fashion with a focus on timeless design, innovative materials, ethical manufacturing and lasting craftsmanship.